First #SexEdPornReview blog post with the amazing CrashPadSeries! I will be reiterating what I wrote when I lived tweeted the episode.

Who is CrashPadSeries?

CrashPadSeries is an is a San Francisco Bay Area-based website produced by Pink & White Productions. It is based on the dyke sex cult classic, The Crash Pad, about a clandestine San Francisco apartment. I love the voyeuristic landlord played by the site’s director Shine Louise Houston. Their goal is to to exposes the complexities of queer sexual desires. They often are very BDSM geared, focused on consent, please and the many types of fantasies queer folk have. Observing their sexual escapades through hidden cameras of the landlord, make each episode more erotic.

Episode 262: Erykah Ohms and Tina Horn


Tina Horn fills Erykah Ohms up

“An ohm is a measure of electrical resistance, but Erykah Ohms is highly receptive. After Tina Horn pumps Erykah up with an inflatable toy, she slides an exceptionally long plug up their butt. Limits are explored and Erykah takes Tina’s hand until they’re the fullest they’ve ever felt. Ohms is riding high, but the energy is flowing smooth.” — Keymaster

This episode stars: Erykah Ohms is New York-based, black, queer, cis, leather dyke, with masochistic tendencies. They identify as a bossy bottom. ; Tina Horn is an exhibitionist rock n roll slut who likes rough fucking, dirty talk, and spanking.

This episode is 26 minutes and 47 seconds of intense anal training, enemas, fisting, begging, constant reassurance, laughter, pleasure and oh let’s not forget Erykah’s combat boots! I was drooling from the beginning.

So far from this episode I’m learning:

  1. I never knew how erotic enemas could be.
  2. In general anal play is AMAZING!
  3. Always ask question and ask for consent with every act
  4. Wear gloves during anal play!!
  5. Always listen to your bottom
  6. Reassurance during play is very important
  7. Laughing and having fun is most important as well

The connect between Tina and Erykah is what really drew me to wanting to write this review. As a switch in my personal life they both demonstrated aspect that I really admired. I especially resonated with Erykah as a bottom. While Tina as top has taught me to make my submissive or partner beg for what they want. To ask them questions often to make sure they are okay and feeling food.

This episode is really teaching me to take it slow when it comes to anal play. With my partner being so well endowed, I often get nervous. Simple tips:

  1. Prep i.e Enema
  2. Start small and work up
  3. Never doubt the use of lube!
  4. Enjoy yourself!

If you’d like to watch this episode as well click here: Episode 262 Erykah and Tina 

I hope you enjoyed my first #SexEdPornReviews! Stay tuned for the next one!

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