Are you ready for my long awaited and overdue #SexEdPornReview of CrashPad Series episode 264?! This episode is an amazing queer group-sex scene starring Alice the Wolfe (she/her), Ava D’ Amore (she/her), and Margot Rose (she/her).
Let’s talk a little about each performer:
  • Alice the Wolfe – She is a pansexual, polyam ex-crust punk trans dyke, who’s pronouns are she/her or it. It is a rope bondage educator, artist, and performer.
  • Ava D’ Amore – She’s a queer kinky sex worker living in NYC. Who love boy hair, cats, bones, biking, hiking, latex and bad reality t.v. (I think we’d get along!)
  • Margot Rose – NYC based sex worker and kinkster who enjoys making art, pole dancing, and cultivating my perversions.
Episode 264: Alice the Wolfe, Ava D’Amore, and Margot Rose

Alice the Wolfe has Ava D’Amore and Margot Rose for dinner

“Alice the Wolfe doesn’t need to huff or puff to blow Ava D’Amore’s and Margot Rose’s minds. All kinds of good things happen when these three come together; Margot gets fucked in all her holes, Ava squirts all over Alice’s hand, butt plugs become projectiles… it’s a howling good time!” – Keymaster

What you’ll see this episode: Rope play, penetration, anal plugs, internal (F2C) condoms, gloves, vibrators and more. Be prepared for endless laughter, moans, groans, orgasms, begging, and squirting! It contains the basics of what you want in authentic porn.
Crash Pad Series, never fails me when it comes to porn! Especially when it’s Tran-inclusive. It’s honestly why I hold them so high up, they’ve inspired me to explore my sexuality and queerness. If you aren’t do anything right now or are planning some personal time I highly, HIGHLY recommend you get a subscription this month and fill your queer heart!
Getting a subscription this month, would be the greatest way to kick off this pride month, support a queer focused and owned company and enhance your sexual pleasure.
Now lets get into some on the question prompts I received for this episode. I honestly had to rewatch it a couple times because I was too captivated and occupied.
Question Prompts: 
Why call the F2C an “Internal” condom vs “female” condom?
  • The F2C Condom provides hormone-free, latex-free protection against unintended pregnancy and STDs. It is a form of contraception  that can be inserted several hours prior to sexual activity. Now, why should we refer to them as “internal” condom vs “female” condom? Simply because there are other people with vaginas that don’t identify as female. It make it feel less inclusive to those who identify as a trans-men, non-binary, womxn. I think cis-women should care about that sort of representation in health care.
How do you use an F2C?
  • Lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant inside and out which makes it easier to insert. Hold the condom at the closed end, open end hanging down. Grasp the flexible inner ring and squeeze with the thumb and middle finger so it becomes long and narrow. Pick a position and then insert it.
  • Once it is inserted, make sure that it will go near pubic bone and the outer ring remains outside the vagina. Now it will bring pleasure for both partners. FC2 can increase stimulation because the material is natural feeling and warms to body temperature.
Why do we put condoms on dildos?
  • We put condoms on dildos and other sex toys that come in contact with multiple body parts and especially fluids. It makes cleaning easier, and makes the sex safer. Many people suggest using condoms for toys that are know to be porous. Some toy materials like TPR/TPE, jelly, rubber, PVC, etc. can easily harbor bacteria, viruses, and mold in their pores and can’t really be sanitized beyond the surface. Condoms are a safer way to use them.
Any advice on safer sex, communication, and pleasure for three-ways?
  • From my personal experience with having three-ways communication is KEY! Having the proper discussions about what you like, don’t like, hard limits, what you’d like to explore. Make the whole experience feel inclusive for all participants, nothing like feeling left out of the fun!
  • Adding toys, rope, roleplaying, and or BDSM to the three-way or group session will make it all even better! Explore and figure out what you want to get out of it.
I hope you enjoyed this review! I had so much fun with and answering the prompt questions. I learned so much and I can only hope that I was able to do the same for you.
Wanna get a subscription? Join through my link:

Wanna follow the stars of this recent episode? Links below!

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