Episode 265 stars Selphie Labrys (she/her)and their newest addition Tessa Wreck’d (she/they). It includes anal play, nipple play, silicone & crystal anal plugs, trans sexuality. There is a content note, that Selphie has Tourette’s syndrome a neurological disorder that involves takes they made the decision to keep the footage in the video.

thumbs_crashpadseries_selphie_labrys_0s3a3466Selphie Labrys:

She’s a bubbly Cali girl, who love traveling and hiking and making porn. Turn Ons: Bratty girls, penetration, spit, cum, Tgirls, spanking, biting, moaning, hair pulling She also starred in episode 216 with Aviva Romelli.

thumbs_crashpadseries_tessawreckd_0s3a3497Tessa Wreck’d:

Describes herself as a cute and cuddly girl-next-door with a (zodiac) chart full of fire and a heart of desire. Tessa goes by both she/her and they/them. Turn Ons: Spanking, anal play, long, sharp fingernails, gentle touches


Selphie Labrys wrecks Tessa Wreck’d

“In geometry, if you take a cube and add a fourth dimension, you get a tesseract; at Crash Pad, if you take a hottie and add an additional dimension of hotness, you get Tessa Wreck’d. Tessa’s bratty tongue finds a home in Selphie Labrys’ ass after taking a big plug in her own, in a switchy scene full of spankings and wild orgasms. Mathematical!”

– Keymaster

I’m definitely learning new ways of anal play that I haven’t thought of. I’ll be sure to test them out with my partner. The way Selphie slams herself against the anal plug in Tessa was very interesting. The pressure and movement added must make in more intense.


Tips, Recommendation, Resources:

MOST important tip with anal play – is start slow/small, use lube and don’t reuse yourself. In one my previous reviews I mentioned my tips for safe anal play.

  • Anal plug or safety tips to share?
  1. Always ask question and ask for consent with every act
  2. Wear gloves during anal play!
  3. Prep beforehand and use lube
  4. Always listen to your bottom
  5. Reassurance during play is very important
  6. Start small and work your way up with toys
  • What lube do you recommend for anal sex and why?

Pink Cherry Water-Based Anal Lube because its the best lube that I’ve found not to irritate me so far. Anal lubricants tend to be thicker in consistency which allows for a bit of cushion. I use water-based anal lubricants for both anal and vaginal play.

  • Any cleanliness tips for safer anal and oral play?

When it comes to anal play we have to come to hard truth that the anus will never be 100% clean. Fecal matter will find its way onto your toys, hands, etc. Fingers, toys, tongues, and external stimulation all qualify as anal sex. It’s not just some guy who wants to stick his penis in you and it doesn’t have to be a terrible experience.

Always prep at least a few hours before hand. That means, don’t eat anything especially foods and beverages that you know will create fecal matter. Try an emena, from episode 262 we know how erotic they can be.

When it does come to the act of anal play, always play safely, and be cautious where your mouth or toys will be going. Use proper lubricants, condom, gloves, and dental dams. Having the best anal and ora hygiene is important to your sexual health.

Always remember to never put your cock, fingers, or a toy in the vagina after it has been in the anus without thoroughly cleaning it because it could cause a UTI, yeast infection, or spread another type of infection due to the bacteria. This even applies to the mouth.

Please be extremely safe when it comes to anal play!!

  • Can you recommend any resources that address neurodivergency and sexuality?

If you have any resources that give more information and insight to having a neurodivergency and sexuality please leave then in a comment to email me!

When I went on google, I mainly found blog of those with these type of disorders and how they express their sexuality and queerness. Links below:





  • What sexual health and resources guides exist on trans sexuality that you can share?

It was honestly extremely difficult to find resources focused on trans sexuality. There was nothing about being a transman, trans woman, non-binary or even about how they express their sexualities. Everything was focusing on the difference between gender orientation and sexual orientations or the difference between being transgender or transsexual. It’s very irritating and sad with the lack of sexual health resources.

I did however stumble across one guide made in the UK on sexual health for trans and non-binary young people: Genderjam.org.uk

That was an amazing episode!! Selphie Labrys orgasm at the end, was very beautiful to watch honestly. Say at admired how intense the scene was.

DgbrQJ1VQAETstEIf you’re a butt person, into nipple play, humping, and switches – you’re gonna love this episode!!  Join this ⁠ ⁠ with code “QueerPornPride” for 15% off memberships!


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