Hello and welcome to my blog! I recently got a huge influx of followers over the weekend, thanks to the wonderful @shopspectrumboutique on instagram. I just want to put out a tremendous thank you for coming to support my blog and what I have to say!

Many of you have already started messaging about how you enjoyed my recent reviews, appreciate me and hope to see more. I appreciate each and every one of you!

Now let’s get into this proper introduction of myself and the goals of my blog.

Who is TrashyFemme?

My name is Dawneisha, Dawn or simply Trashyfemme. It was quite the hard decision to go by my real name since, I do exist already in the adult industry under another alias. Sex work is something I’m not ashamed of and won’t hide that but I’m also not going to hide my passion for human sexuality and sex education.

If you have read my about me page you know the basics, if not here’s another way of learning about myself, my personality, interests, etc. Let’s get into it! → → →

I’m a Black, Queer, Non-Binary Femme, earthly being. My pronouns are They/Them/Theirs! Thank you. Everyday I’m still struggling to figure out my gender and how I want to express myself. Kink-wise, I live a kink lifestyle. I heavy advocate for safe, sane, and consensual practices in or out fo the bedroom. I personally identify as a switch with heavy masochistic tendencies. If you’d like to know more of the naughty bits of my kink life, ask for my Fetlife!

–  TrashyFemme

IMG_0612My identity is very important to me, and that is why I choose to use labels. When describing myself, it will always start with me being Black. Before I started exploring my sexual and gender identity, I always knew my first my first was Black. This part of my will NEVER change and will continue to be stated in any introduction.

When it comes to identity and self exploration, it’s been a journey for myself that will always continue. I am a Black, Queer, Non-Binary Femme, human. I personally use the term Queer to describe a majority of my labels. I’m pansexual, non-binary, I’m still figuring out my romantic identity. There’s a lot about myself that I need to discover, That’s why I simply identify as Queer. Lastly, My pronouns are They/Them/Theirs! I would like for people to use these pronouns. My gender is something I struggle with everyday, especially when it comes to expressing how it fluctuates. I’ll be making a post about what is okay to refer to me as and what is not.

Sexuality and kink-wise, I’m pansexual like I mentioned and am in a non-monogamous relationship with my partner of two years. He knew from the start of the relationship that I want to develop bonds with other humxns no matter the nature. This also plays a heavy part into my kinky lifestyle. I have many interest in the kink and BDSM world that it’s nice engaging with others of different experience levels. I’m a sadomasochistic switch, but I won’t go to much into the details. If you wanna know more, you can ask for my Fetlife or my 18+ social media.

That’s enough about me! Let’s get into the more important stuff: MY BLOG!!

Goals of my blog?

My blog currently is a space for me to share my love for expressing sexuality, reviewing products that enhance pleasure and gender expression. The goals of my blog is to bring awareness around body safe adult toys, queer centered erotica and porn, provide sex education and lastly start discussions around queer awareness.

My style? Blog wise I want to create a space that allows people to feel comfortable enough to come to for advice on their relationships, product reviews, sexuality, gender, queerness you name it! I want to be as authentic and honest when it comes to my reviews and discussions.

Types of products I am open to reviewing at this time: Vibrators, dildos, kegel exercisers, lubricants, books (excluding educational or erotica), anal toys, penis toys, porn, partner products, BDSM/fetish products, fucking machines, harnesses, lingerie, condoms/safer sex products, games, menstrual products, etc.

Topics to discuss:

I have an entire notebook dedicated to my journey to become a sex educator, sex therapist, and sex coach. It goes from the types of education, certifications, and professional membership that I want to join in the future. Needless to say I am very prepared and eager to pursue my dreams.

Outside all that information, I have a dedicated section for my blog. Currently the main focus on blog is reviewing sex toys, other adult products and doing #SexEdPornReviews. I’ve decided it’s time I start incorporating important that need to be discussed, taught and explored. Below is a small list of topics soon to come:

  • Queerness A5BE6EF0-C7D8-4648-85A3-03ECA754C0AB
  • Importance of Black Queer Porn
  • Tips on Safe Non-Monogamy
  • Polyam vs Non-Monogamous vs Relationship Anarchist
  • Contraceptives and Birth Control
  • Sexual Anatomy and Correct Terms
  • Why you should and must pay for your porn!
  • Sex Worker Rights
  • My Experience in Sex Work
  • Masturbation and Self Exploration

If there is anything that you want me to discuss, give tips for, review, etc. you can always send me an email and I’d be more than willing to talk about it!

Future Plans?

One of my main goals is to start my own podcast and collective for Black Queer folx! Starting my blog is just the first step into the bigger picture of my career! I hope you all stick around to see this come to life! I will be creating a Patreon for backing these projects. If you would like to support me in small ways like sharing my post, my social media platforms or small tips on Kofi.com/trashyfemme I would really appreciate it!

I look forward to creating more content for y’all and going on this journey together! Thank you reading this long ass blog post! Ending this at 1,000 words like it’s a college essay!


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