Today’s review is on – Episode 270 with new CrashPad performers Maxine Azula (They/Them) and Valerie Paige (She/Her). They are on Twitter as @MaxineAzula and @TSValerie_Paige. This episode includes, BDSM, my personal favorites – flogger and paddle play, the Magic Wand Vibrator, and anal strap-on sex, trans lezdom sexuality, and lots of leather and lace.
thumbs_crashpadseries_maxine_azula_0s3a2181Maxine Azula (They/Them):

Artist, Dominatrix, and Performer of Fetish and Circus arts, with a flamboyant style and personality. They are a sadomasochist individual who embraces shameless perversion, self expression and sexual freedom.

thumbs_crashpadseries_valerie_page_0s3a2082Valerie Paige (She/Her):

Performance artist, queer activist, and sex worker based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s passionate about creating various forms of art, building community, and empowering queer and trans youth. Valerie is a virgo switch, that plays cello for various punk rock bands! An overall badass in everything she does.

Are you ready to delve into this trans lezdom action?

Maxine and Valerie go together like leather and lace

“‘Call me whatever you want, just don’t call me late to the party!’ Maxine just couldn’t wait for Valerie to show up, getting started on a dildo before Valerie even opened the door! After some teasing scolding and some foreplay with a flogger and paddle, the two switch it up with a rockin’ display of full-bodied strap-on pounding followed by even more toys. If this bed’s a-‘squeeking, I’ll be a-peeking!”

– Keymaster

Being late for your date because you’re too busy masturbating should be a valid excuse! What’s hotter than getting yourself pumped up for a date like, masturbating at the thought of them, then having them catch you in the act. The innocent “aren’t I special – I got all dressed up for you” from Valerie sent me into my feelings but then she went straight in to help Maxine.

This is episode features plenty of BDSM action, starting off with my personal favorite impact play! Valerie begins with light impact using a flogger, then updraging to a stingy paddle. Little side mention of my love for the all the red in this scene, both of their hair, and Maxine’s goregous shoes. In the first 9 minutes of this scene we’ve gone from solo masturbation, nipple play, impact play, strap-on, anal play, Magic Wand vibrator and back to strap-on anal play. A whole lot can happen in the heat of a moment, which makes this episode so hot. When it came to anal play between Maxine and Valerie, the communication exchange is a perfect example for the audience that is new to this type of play. The guidance, reassurance and taking it slow in the beginning is great! I always give those as a tip when someone is interested in anal.

Valerie is the cutest switch, honestly they both are! I completely connected when she said, “Oh, the things no one knows about me – since I’m always the tough girl.” My life summed up in one sentence. The combination of anal, vibrator and impact play must have been heaven for the both of them. Overall an amazing episode that you should check out! I don’t wanna spoil too much of all the action. Get a membership for crashpadseries, more information below.

What is Lezdom? Some of you might be wondering what lezdom is, since it’s not a mainstream term. Lezdom is a combination of the words lesbian and domination – focusing lesbian on lesbian D/s dynamics. It is described as the basic definition of female domination that you would “normally” see with men, the same dynamic, methods, kinks, fetishes you name it can be applies to lesbians. We need to break the stigma that D/s relationships are only between cis-men and cis-women, because that’s far from the truth.

Tips and Recommendation:
  • Vibrators are for every body! Fantastic vibes and where to find them?

There is an ENDLESS selection of powerful vibrators on the market. My current bedside favorites are Tantus bullet vibrator. It’s a small bullet that’s packed with a powerful vibration. My next recommendation would be the Magic Wand vibrator, but I sadly don’t own one myself. That is next on my list though! I have several affiliate links if you are interested in getting yourself a new vibrator or other sex toy.

  1. Vibrant:
  2. Tantus:
  3. Spectrum Boutique:
  • Dressing up for sex – from lipstick to lace bodysuits, why dress up for sex?

Why dress up for sex? Why not? Dressing up can add more excitement, be a form of foreplay, fetish, you name it. It’s great for roleplaying or bringing out your character. Leather, latex, lace, nylon, a costume, bodysuit, etc. Fantasies can feel more realistic with the right outfit. Give dressing up a try – school girl, slutty, pet play, cosplay, femdom, full on latex.

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