IMG_0618Hello! I’m TrashyFemme! I’m a sex blogger, writer, reviewer and overall sex positive being! I personally believe that I was meant to educate and share my passion for sex with others. In a couple months, I plan to start my education journey to becoming a certified sex educator and coach!

I’m a Black, Queer, Non-Binary Femme, Non-Monogamous earthly being. My pronouns are They/Them/Theirs! Thank you. Everyday I’m still struggling to figure out my gender and how I want to express myself.

Kink-wise, I live a kink lifestyle. I heavy advocate for safe, sane, and consensual practices in or out fo the bedroom. I personally identify as a switch with heavy masochistic tendencies. If you’d like to know more of the naughty bits of my kink life, ask for my Fetlife!

Random Facts:IMG_0612

  • I’m a fraternal twin
  • Favorite color is orange
  • Goth/Punk/Metal lover
  • Graphic Designer/Illustrator
  • Obsessed with PUGS