Review: Dame Pom Flexible Vibrator

The Dame Pom Flexible Vibrator, is the $95.00 power bomb in your palm. This little gem has became my toy of the year since I received it from Spectrum Boutique back in January 2019. It is the perfect palm sized, rechargeable vibrator. Made out of incredibility soft and smooth medical grade silicone. The best part about this vibe? That it's FLEXIBLE! Let's get deeper into the review below:

#SexEdPornReview – Episode 270: Maxine Azula and Valerie Paige 

"Being late for your date because you're too busy masturbating should be a valid excuse! What's hotter than getting yourself pumped up for a date like, masturbating at the thought of them, then having them catch you in the act. The innocent "aren't I special - I got all dressed up for you" from Valerie sent me into my feelings but then she went straight in to help Maxine." Episode 270 includes: BDSM, vibrator, anal strap-on sex, & trans lezdom.