The Womanizer Starlet Suction Stimulator, is a toy thats been on my list for a while to try. Spectrum Boutique was kind of enough to send me this for review!

I have so many thoughts about this toy and it was quite the let down unfortunately. I don’t wanna go in on this toy too harshly but right off the back I hate that’s extremely gendered. As a non-binary person, I don’t like calling it the womanizer. I have a clit, but I sure as hell don’t identify as a woman. (Maybe it’s just me with the issue?)

When I went to check the Womanizers (I’m going to hate repeating this product name) website, it claims that theres a silent mode. This is a complete lie!

“Don’t worry about any loud noises – from the device anyways. We cannot guarantee, that you will be able to keep quiet when using the Womanizer.”

My main issue with this product is how uncomfortably loud and distrubting it can get. Especially when you are working your way up through vibrations.

Womanizer claims:

Every woman has the right to experience intense orgasms. Everywhere! With the practical format of the Starlet the high-end technology of the original Womanizer is also available on the go. This mobility combined with the modern design make the Womanizer a perfect companion, especially for women, who are still at the beginnings of their sexual development but nonetheless care about a patented premium product.

I honestly don’t believe it lives up to it’s own claims. Firstly they need to realize there are other humxns that have a clitoris or not that want to experience intense orgasms. I’m a product packing nerd, I have a huge passion for graphic design. So this was honestly a let down. The slogan #OrgasmIsAHumanRight doesn’t make sense, since they gendered it. That just my thoughts.

Womanizer Starlet Suction Stimulation

You can find the Womanizer Starlet Suction Stimulation on Spectrum Boutiques online shop for $79.99. It is a palm size, suction stimulation toy. It’s aimed to provide pressure and suction with air technology. Color options you have of course pink and purple. I was thankful that it does come in white – shout out for Spectrum Boutique for sending me this color!

This toy is the perfect hand held toy, thats great for solo masturbation and easy to use for partner play. The main body is made out of ABS plastic, and the tip/suction is hypoallergenic medical silicone – both material are body safe. I haven’t tested out the waterproof aspect of the toy because I’m always too nervous to screw up the toy afterwards. I do highly suggest using a water-based lubricant to help with the suction. Even test this out on different area for added stimulation.


  • Pressure Air Technology
  • Size: 1.6″ x 2.1″
  • Tip Length: 0.8″
  • USB rechargeable
  • 4 vibration intensities
  • Full charge provides 5 hours of play
  • Material: hypoallergenic medical silicone ABS plastic
  • Compatible with hybrid and water based lubes

My Experience:

I made sure to keep my handy notebooks next to me to make quick notes of what I experience. I’ve attached an image of what my sloppy notes look like. 17A87317-2BFB-4EE0-A811-A24B3B274202

When I used the Starlet Suction Stimulation, I had to get a mirror to see what I was actually doing. This did helped add to the play watching myself explore my body. I suggest doing this during your masturbation session to understand your body.

So to get a bit of background on how I like to masturbate – I tend to be under a pile of blankets for comfort and mask the sounds of my vibrators. I also like to play metal music for noise cancelling and to simply get me in the mood. Now when I play my music it’s quite loud, but the Starlet Suction Stimulator was extremely loud and rumbly.

The mirror helped guide me when starting to use the toy – I had to move my labia out of the way to expose the clitoris/clitoral hood. It’s honestly an uncomfortable toy, to have to directly place it on the clit. This was problem for me because any slight movement, it would let out a loud rumble and buzzing. Vibration wise, it was quite weak, I had to use the 4th vibration setting and REALLY press hard to get close to an orgasm.

Lastly, The Womanizer Starlet Suction Stimulation just wasn’t the toy for me because it wasn’t able to provide the stimulation that it claimed to have. Many of their claims don’t match what I experience. Hopefully if you try this or know of anyone who has had a great experience link them to me!

Pros & Cons of Womanizer Starlet


  • Compact size
  • White as a color option!
  • 4 Intensity levels
  • USB cord included
  • Easy to clean


  • 30 minute battery life or 5 hour battery life?
  • Extremely loud
  • No suction or pressure sensation

The Womanizer Starlet Suction Stimulation is the perfect compact toy for someone who wants to experience suction anywhere. I suggest giving it a try! You can buy this for $79.99 at Spectrum Boutique. Direct Link:

This toy was sent to me for free from SpectrumBoutique, in return for a fair and honest review. The fact I received this toy for free does not impact the opinions I have expressed, nor are they baised or reviewed.

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